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Singing to Voldemort

Happy Birthday to Kaitlin, my niece, who turns 12 today!

Voice Lesson: My teacher is trying to get me to put more personality into my voice, to not try to make it pretty. To this end, she is having me sing a song from the musical Oliver. It's called "As Long as He Needs Me."

So I decided to try a bit of acting, tonight. I pretended to be a character I created for the sphogwarts RPG. Her name is Mary Elizabeth, and she fell in love with Gregory Goyle who (along with Vincent Crabbe) was played by scuppernong. In the RPG, goyleandcrabbe were played for laughs--until the very end, when they became very, very serious. Both boys, of course, wound up joining the Death-Eaters. We were never shown in-game how willingly they did this, but my impression was that they would have had little choice in the matter.

Mary Elizabeth was almost ready to join the DE herself--not because she wanted to be one, but because she wanted to give Goyle an outlet through which he could still retain some humanity, could still, for instance, like poetry and have someone to talk to about normal things.

Her cousin talked her out of it off-stage, but in my head, she was quite serious about following Gooyle into the DE for a while there, no matter the cost to herself.

My teacher wanted me to sound ugly. So there I was in her studio, singing to this picture on the wall, and I pretended that it was Voldemort, and I was Mary Elizabeth, telling that bastard that I would love Gregory Goyle forever, with every fiber of my being, despite it all, that I would never abandon the decency that was in him.

It felt--fantastic!

LJ: My time-stamp is still screwed up. I posted this entry at 6:44pm Central, and it's telling me I posted it at 11:44pm. *sigh* I'll have to check and see if this is a widespread problem or not.

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