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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Greek Festival!

My friend Donna and I are going to the Houston Greek Festival today. I'm looking forward to it! This is the only Greek dining occasion during the year in which I can get all of my favorite Greek foods on one plate. They'll be serving moussaka, pastizio, tiropitas (cheese puffs), spanakopitas (spinach puffs), and keftedakia (Greek meatballs). They'll also be selling boxes of dessert pastries--baklava and loukomades. *drools*

I just wish Mark were coming, but he hates the crowds. *sigh* I've been gone for two days, and I'd rather spend the time with him. Maybe I'll hand-feed him baklava tonight and let him lick the honey off my fingers. *wink*

I also wonder how much restraint I can exercise in the shopping department. Depends on what they sell.


Brandie and anyone else from Houston--We'll be there in the early afternoon, if you also happen to go. I'm wearing a Kinky Friedman t-shirt that says, "May the God of your choice bless you!" and I'll be with a woman who'll probably be walking around with a mobility cane.

Current Mood: hungryhungry

Oh! I hadn't planned on going, but now that you mention it, it sounds lovely! I don't know if I will or not, but I will definitely look for you if I do go! I loooooove baklava and spanakopita.

I love those, too! I always get baklava whenever I go to a restaurant that serves it, but it's always best at the Greek Festival.

Stuffed grape leaves, on the other hand, are evil. (g)


I need a shirt like that.

The only time I've ever had Greek food was this past spring when I went on a trip to Hawaii and had some at the International Market Place in Honolulu. It was from a fairly cheap, somewhat questionable place, but it was still pretty good.

There's a nice Greek restaurant in Evansville, which is near enough to where my parents live to be accessible, so maybe I'll go there sometime.

I think they still sell the "God of your choice" t-shirts as Kinky Friedman.com

Eating Greek food in Hawaii reminds me of my husband's trip to Denmark, where he went to a Chinese restaurant. :)


We had a Greek Festival at the Greek Orthodox church in Stockton, CA. I miss stuff like that. Elkin is such a little hole in the wall town. Have fun sweetie and tell us all about it!!

Pixia--I decided to be good--I bought a box of six baklava to take home, instead of twelve.

Now I'm cursing myself--I only bought six baklava! Waahhh!!! (g)

Donna and I went to the bazaar and went shopping. I bought a couple of Greek dresses--the kind which are sleeveless and look Grecian. One of them is off-white and would look great as SCA garb. The other is turquoise. Donna bought Greek coffee, olive oil, and fava beans.

I passed on buying a bottle of Mavrodaphne wine, but I think I can get one at the liquor store across the street, so no great loss there.

And I came away with an order form for ordering holiday goodies which can be frozen. Mmm! Three dozen tiropitas for $25!


Oh that sounds like so much fun!! I am really glad you had a good time. I hope you post pics of the dresses, I would love to see them.

No way is six baklava enough! I could blow my entire diet on those. I love honey so much to begin with and then with the nuts and the filo... *sigh* did I mention I am on a diet? *Bad Laurel, stop thinking about it.* lol

I have a sudden urge to go rent My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It is one os Eva's favorite movies anyway. She will walk around for days saying "and in the lump was my twin."

Thanks for sharing sweetie. *big hugs*