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I heard a very funny rumor that Rowen Atkinson would play Voldemort in Goblet of Fire, but it's apparently untrue. Such a pity. The potential for humor was without bounds. Besides, I would love to see Atkinson and Rickman in the same movie.

The Sheriff of Nottingham and Edmund Blackadder--too, too much fun! They could be so wonderfully snide to each other!

I haven't gotten to see Love, Actually; I guess I'll have to rent the video.

I've joined a writers' workshop community on LJ called write_away. It looks very good and has an active cadre of staff, with daily activities. I'm impressed.

I finally got sick of juried poetry critique group communities and have started a poetry workshop community of my own. It's called poets_working. It is open to all, subject to the community's guidelines. I would rather spend time writing poetry and helping people, than in voting on who may and may not be part of the group.

If you know anyone who likes to write poetry and would like to join such a group, please let them know about it.

I got a book by Edmund Burke yesterday, on his theories about aesthetics. Looks interesting! I'm eager to read it.

New Year's Resolutions:

  • To get employed.
  • To seriously work toward finishing a novel--IOW, to do Nanowrimo all year, to some extent, rather than just concentrating on November.
  • To be more visible to my family and friends and better about answering email
  • To get something published, this year.
  • To build up a body of work in my poetry.

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