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February 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Westborough Baptists Getting Air Time - A Proposal

Westborough Baptist Church: The members of this church, infamous and reviled for protesting against homosexuality at the funerals of Iraq war veterans, had on Tuesday announced plans to picket the funerals of the slain Amish girls in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

They have since canceled those plans. However, they did not cancel picketing the funerals out of any sense of human compassion or decency. Oh, no. They exchanged the plans to picket for an hour of air time on Mike Gallagher's radio talk show tomorrow (Thursday).

I'm pretty sure Gallagher is doing this in an effort to spare the families from having to endure a disgusting display. But I have to say I loathe the fact that these people think they can manipulate the public by forcing us to choose the lesser of two offenses to our sense of decency.

I propose that anyone reading this journal who normally listens to Gallagher's talk show should boycott it tomorrow. Don't give these people an audience. Don't call in to rant at them. Just quietly boycott the show tomorrow while the church members are on the air, and instead, email Gallagher your opinions of the Westborough people.

Let them know exactly how disgusting they are. You can email Mr. Gallagher here. I have just sent in my message to the show.

Please feel free to pass this proposal on.

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I have never heard of Gallagher but I'll e-mail!

What's the e-mail address.

It's a shame people like that feel they need to share their opinions. What exactly were they protesting?

The fact the Amish have forgiven the guy?
The fact 5 little girls are dead?
Gun control among the Amish?

Maybe we need a new dictionary definition -
Jerks - members of Westborough Baptist Church.

Re: Protest

Tricia--Here's the link.

Thanks for emailing!


Re: Protest

Tricia--They're anti-homosexuality activists. Now, exactly what homosexuality has to do with these murders, I don't quite get. The killer was wanting to molest girls, not boys. So I'm kind of clueless as to why these people thought picketing at the Amish funerals would be appropriate.


Re: Protest

Oh, the Phelpies hate everyone, it's just gays that they have a special bugaboo about. I've seen them quoted as saying that the Amish community doesn't deserve sympathy right now, because they're all sinners going to hell and this was punishment from God.

I feel terribly for these people who seem to need an angry, violent, judgemental god in their lives--but I can't help but hope that they get exactly what they wish for. ::sigh::

Re: Protest

They think the Amish are sinners?

What planet are these people from? I mean, the Amish are just as human as anyone, of course, but specifically labeling them that way seems absurd.

I have the feeling these people aren't going to figure things out until they get to the pearly gates, and Jesus explains things to them., as it were.



Just read the article. That group is downright scary!

If they feel that way then maybe they need to move their 70 crazy little butts elsewhere out of the U.S.

Re: Scary

Yeah. I think Anarctica during winter would be a good place for them. It's the closest I can think of to Hell frozen over.

Chantal *shakes head*

WTF?! what did the Amish do?? last time i checked they aren't gay and don't believe in war.

the fake Reverend and his freaks need to be shipped to the other end of the universe.

So, apparently God shows his disapproval of homosexuality by killing five innocent little girls that never did anybody any harm. Sheesh, I don't approve of the stuff going on in my old church, but even it's not this bad!

I'm generally pretty tolerant of other people's religious beliefs...but these people have me disgusted beyond words. Hate and intolerance is one of the few things I won't tolerate. It's right up there with poor grammar. /English Major

Thanks for the 'heads-up' on this. I sent in my protest. :-D

Sorry I'll be missing you today, Mike. Can't stand these phony, in-bred Christians preaching hate. I'm so tempted to add when Fred Phelps finally dies, I plan on being at his funeral, just to drop some coal in his pockers to make sure he burns well. I'd be the one in red, leading the limbo dancers. But why stoop to his attention-grabbing tactics? There'll probably be parties everywhere the day he's buried -- the families of soldiers, AIDS patients, etc. will all be throwing one. And hell will have a welcoming feast just for him.

It would be really nice if the radio station carrying this farce happened to have technical problems while they were broadcasting and they ended up preaching the whole hour to dead air. THAT would proof that God exists IMHO.

Of course if everyone just didn't listen and left them talking to dead air anyway, that would also be very satisfying.

Kris Sr.--*Hugs!!!* (I haven't heard from you in a while!)

Yeah, I would dearly love to know what happened on Gallagher's show that day while the Westborough people were speaking. I hear Gallagher said he wanted to hose down his studio afterward. (g)

As for the Amish girls--Those are some of the bravest people I have ever heard of. I wonder how many non-Amish 13 year-olds would beg a killer, "Please shoot me first; don't shoot the little ones."