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Westborough Baptists Getting Air Time - A Proposal

Westborough Baptist Church: The members of this church, infamous and reviled for protesting against homosexuality at the funerals of Iraq war veterans, had on Tuesday announced plans to picket the funerals of the slain Amish girls in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

They have since canceled those plans. However, they did not cancel picketing the funerals out of any sense of human compassion or decency. Oh, no. They exchanged the plans to picket for an hour of air time on Mike Gallagher's radio talk show tomorrow (Thursday).

I'm pretty sure Gallagher is doing this in an effort to spare the families from having to endure a disgusting display. But I have to say I loathe the fact that these people think they can manipulate the public by forcing us to choose the lesser of two offenses to our sense of decency.

I propose that anyone reading this journal who normally listens to Gallagher's talk show should boycott it tomorrow. Don't give these people an audience. Don't call in to rant at them. Just quietly boycott the show tomorrow while the church members are on the air, and instead, email Gallagher your opinions of the Westborough people.

Let them know exactly how disgusting they are. You can email Mr. Gallagher here. I have just sent in my message to the show.

Please feel free to pass this proposal on.

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