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March 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Hearing My Voice

Voice Lessons: One effect I've noticed from the voice lessons is that I am paying a lot more attention to how my speaking voice sounds in my head. I am becoming a lot more aware of how it might sound to other people, and I am becoming a little bit better at modulating it when I think I am starting to sound like a 12 year-old. It's pretty interesting. My voice teacher told me to change the way my voice sounds in my head so that it will change in tone when I am speaking or singing. Just by opening my throat, I am able to effect significant change so that it sounds more adult and a bit less nasal or whatever it is. I am finding this whole experience of voice consciousness amazing.

Anyway, I love practicing the voice exercises. I am a dork. (g) When I practice the voice exercises, I can go outside and sing at my full capacity, instead of holding myself back, the way I usually do when I am singing to myself at the bus stop or transit center..

Work: We are getting ready for our office's End-of-Year meeting/party. It has to ostensibly contrain some kind of training, to justify things to Austin. This year's emphasis seems to be on physical fitness. I hope they won't mind if I practice voice exercises while I'm there.

On the other hand, they might pay me to shut up. Hm! A potential residual income stream!

Iconage: Has anyone ever seen that Burlington Coat Factory commercial starring the Italian couple, Sylvia and Marcello? I want to make an icon of Sylvia in the black dress and label it, "Italian.'

Current Mood: bouncybouncy

Everytime I read about your voice lessons I want to find a harp teacher. I am glad your having such fun!

I have not seen the commercial but good luck with the icon.

Ohhhhh...harp lessons! That would be so neat! I hope you can find a good teacher!


I need to find a voice teacher. Unfortunately, the only time I ever expressed a desire to take voice lessons, my mother suggested I ask a person I've had a tremendous crush on for several years. Somehow I can't imagine that would have the best effect.

Additionally, I wanted to apologize for filling up your "Free Speech" post from a few days ago with comments. It's just that it's a highly interesting discussion.

Ardys--Oh, god, yes, I can imagine how awful it would be to take voice lessons from someone you have a crush on. I would be dead embarrased, because I don't always sound good during the lessons--that's the point of having lessons, after all, that you don't sound good, at first. I'd have for my object of lust to hear me wounding like a dying calf. (g)

I don't mind you commenting a lot on that post, at all. Comment away!


That's supposed to read, "I'd hate for my object of lust to hear me sounding like a dying calf." Sorry!