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Dream - 1776

Happy Boxing Day!

I had the most intense dream about the play 1776, last night. I was, I think, in some sort of class in a school, And this group of people had come to the class as guest lecturers, using music and dialogue from 1776 to help them teach.

At some point, all of these guest people stood in a line at the front of the room, and the men were singing, "For God's sake, John, sit down..." at the end of the song, "Sit Down, John!" while two other people were ending by singing "Saltpeter, John." and "Pins, Abigail."

I was overcome with the sheer bliss of the moment, and all afire with the imperative that I must play Adams. Or, if not him, then I must play Abigail; no other roles would do. It was incredible. I wanted to sing the entire play, even the spoken parts. The whole dream was intensely glorious.

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