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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Blown Away

Movie: I saw Twister tonight, starring Bill Pullman and Helen Hunt. Best line from this movie: "I know you told me you used to chase tornadoes, but I thought that was just a metaphor!"

Very, very good movie about some very insane people. (g)

Space News: Mark says that responses to his article seem to be running 3:1 against his view. Interestingly, instead of talking about the Chinese space program, the people who disagree with him keep bringing up Abu Graib etc. And Abu Graib has precisely what to do with space, may I ask?

Someone from Voice of America in Beijing has requested to interview him. I'll be interested to see how that goes.

Mr. Graves: (Randomness) Why do I sometimes have the urge to use what I privately think of as my Paul Graves 'Book Lover' icon? It's weird. Just sometimes, I really want to use that one instead of the Elizabeth I one.

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(No subject) - (Anonymous)

I couldn't believe how pe3rfect that line was! I wanted to roll on the floor laughing when Melissa said it. The poor thing! She must have had a coronary about ten times while traveling with that bunch.

And those scenes of her trying to counsel the pregnant woman over the cell phone--wonderful!


You kinda feel sad for people who think Abu Graib is the central organizing principle around which everything else must find its place.

Amqu--Yes, exactly! People who can't figure out that irresponsible behavior like that is not the norm in the military make me want to shake my head and really wonder what their perception of reality must be like.


Abu Ghraib? What do a bunch of Western Virginia rednecks acting like a bunch of idiots have to do with the Chinese space program? Or do we really want to know?

Before I can comment intelligently on Mark's views vis-a-vis the Chinese space program, I'd need to know more about it. Chantal, can you post a synopsis, or send a link?

Having said that, I would be all in favor of something like Apollo-Soyuz. I am not in favor of giving Red China more stick to beat us to death with, though.

Never mind. I found it: Why Trust China In Space?

For the record, I agree completely. Your husband is a smart man, and, more to the point, a very realistic one. I only hope people listen to him.

Dave--Oh, lord, I can't believe I forgot to post the link!

Heh...The barrage of email reaction ended sometime this morning. It seems to be 75% in disagreement and 25% in agreement with him. I'm guessing this means that the myre hysterical a person is, the more likely he is to read an article, get het up by it, and shoot off an email to the author without really thinking about it.


That's quite all right, Chantal. That's what you've got me for, right?

So when is Mark writing a column on the nolapps? I bet that'd be an interesting read...and should generate an interesting response.

Dave--Mark asked me thank you for your comments; he appreciated them. :)

What is a nolapps? Is that an NOL application?


NOLAPP: New Orleans, LA Poor Person. Term usually applied to a Katrina refugee these days. I don't know what things are really like -- most of our refugees have left, and they were pretty quiet when they were here -- but I'm hearing some horror stories from some other Texas bloggers.