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Blown Away

Movie: I saw Twister tonight, starring Bill Pullman and Helen Hunt. Best line from this movie: "I know you told me you used to chase tornadoes, but I thought that was just a metaphor!"

Very, very good movie about some very insane people. (g)

Space News: Mark says that responses to his article seem to be running 3:1 against his view. Interestingly, instead of talking about the Chinese space program, the people who disagree with him keep bringing up Abu Graib etc. And Abu Graib has precisely what to do with space, may I ask?

Someone from Voice of America in Beijing has requested to interview him. I'll be interested to see how that goes.

Mr. Graves: (Randomness) Why do I sometimes have the urge to use what I privately think of as my Paul Graves 'Book Lover' icon? It's weird. Just sometimes, I really want to use that one instead of the Elizabeth I one.

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