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Dog Chapman and Other Stories

Dog Chapman: Duane (Dog) and Beth Chapman were interviewed by John Gibson on Fox News today. Alas, I didn't get to see the interview, but Mark told me the gist of it. It seems Dog was as surprised as anyone else when he was arrested. When he was in Mexico, appearing in court after capturing Mark Luster, the judge took him into chambers and told him there that 'wrongful capture' was a misdemeanor offense and that he should just leave Mexico immediately. Even the warrant has since run out. So there is some question as to why Mexico is now attempting to extradite him.

The Wizarding World: larilee did a bad thing. She introduced me to the Occlumency archive of Snape stories. They will accept stories containing original characters, and I am very, very tempted to write at least one featuring Snape and Paul Graves. It would explain two things--exactly what happened to Frank and Alice Longbottom as well as what finally drove Snape to part from the Death-Eaters.

Work: Work was busy today. The new IL caseworker is trying to close out as many cases as she can, to reduce the size of her caseload to something manageable. It has suffered from the departures of two caseworkers in one year. I think L. must have closed about seven cases today.


Mal: "I know their secret, and soon, the whole 'verse will know."

The Operative: "And you truly believe you must do this?"

Mal: "Yes, I do."

The Operative: "Are you willing to die for that belief?"

Mal: "I am. But that's not Plan A."

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