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Aerden [userpic]
Work in Progress and Trek

The laundry is almost done. The closet is slowly being reclaimed. I now have a ton of old clothes hangers to get rid of. But it's nice to have closet space again.

Star Trek: We saw the new, improved CGI version of "Balance of Terror" last night, and I loved it. The phaser fire reflects off the underside of the primary hull, now!

It was fascinating to see how very Roman they played the Romulans on that episode. It wasn't just the references to Praetor and Centurion. It was the attitude. The whole bit about having to deal with a conquest-hungry emperor and the devotion to duty above all else. I really am deeply saddened that the Romulans in the later series lost all of that. I found the portrayal of the Romulans in "Balance of Terror" elegant, subtle, and beautiful--except for the one idiot officer.

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Sorry I missed it; that's always been one of my favorite Classic Trek episodes. Actually, probably one of my favorite of all the Trek episodes.

It's definitely one of the best. Kirk truly acts like a starship captain in that episode. And it is so cool seeing Uhura take over Navigation when Styles goes to the gunner bay.

I also have to admit that a good part of me was swooning during the sequences on the Romulan ship. "Mark Lenard...at age thirtysometing...*swoon!*"