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Pern Fandom Nostalgia Blues

All--Please forgive my confused ramblings.

Why did I wake up this morning wanting, very much, to write a Pern fandom story introducing a new character? He's a brownrider with a Past.

I don't even know which Weyrs are still around. Most of the 10th Pass ones all closed at about the same time. I guess I could post it to the StarRise list or maybe submit him as a new character for Fort 9. My main hesitation about the StarRise list is that I don't want to post to a black hole. I know I haven't posted anything there in a while, and I'm not sure if anyone else has.

On the other hand, what bnetter way to spark activity than to post? So maybe I will.

This character could be suitable for Dark Fort, but I don't have the patience for their round-robin style, much less for the dragon color hierarchy, rampant homophobia (of the characters) and over-sexuality of it. Just about every character there seems to be gay or bi and heavily in the closet or obnoxiously heterosexual. I thought it was a fascinating twist on Pern culture when I first heard of the Weyr, but seeing it in practice turned me way off.

I was even considering Janus, Sable, or Theran this morning. I suspect I would be welcome at any of those three, but...those aren't the people I want to write with. I want to write/kibitz with Sandra, Cheryl, and June, not Cindy, LouAnn, and Virginia.

Deborah, what is Fort 9 doing? Are you all still putting out Harper Beat?

Which Weyrs are still out there?

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