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The Joys of Worldbuilding - Not

Writing: I've been working on Garedin's world today, for my story Boy from the Sea. I'm working on codifying the history and political situations of the three kingdoms involved--Imoset, Marelas, and Khador.

While working on Imoset, I began channeling Queen Zarade. Ugh! Evil woman! I know how she became immortal, and it isn't pretty. And Azrin wants to marry this woman. Nutcase. Really, Garedin needs to start his revolt right now.

I will be interested to see how much development I can get done. I am also working on maps, so I can know where these islands like in relation to the equator, tropical, amd temperate zones, etc. This is actually making use of something I learned in college. Cool!

Also chatting about stories a bit with baghdaelf today.

HP Fan Fiction: "A Mother's Love" by larilee

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