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Friday Update

Health: I saw my eye doctor this morning, and she says the reason why my vision is foggy is due to a common side-effect of cataract surgery. The posterior side of my left lens capsule has befcome cloudy, so I have to go in for laser treatment sometime in October. It's nice to know this thing had an actual cause.

Movie: We saw Hollywood Land. It was an interesting movie, though I am not big into the George Reeves death mystery--if there is one. It was good to see Adrian Brody again, though I liked his character in King Kong better. He sounded as if he was from Brooklyn in HL.

For dinner, we went to Red Lobster and had their Endless Shrimp dinner. Yummmmmm! I had Shrimp Pasta, Scampi, and Coconut Shrimp. I even ate the salad and cheddar biscuit, though I really shouldn't have, because those took stomach volume away from eating more shrimp...

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