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February 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
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TV Advertising:

Dear Geico,

Much as I adore Peter Graves and Charo, what I really want to know is, when is the gecko coming back?


Please bring the Geico gecko back into your commercials. Pleeeeeeeease?



Beverages: Coke Zero does not taste like crap, to me. I am amazed. I was half-afraid it would taste as disgusting as Diet Coke. *is relieved*

Food: Supper tonight is spaghetti in Buitoni pesto sauce with mixed in bits of Buddig Honey Ham. Delicious!


I made the mistake once last year of buying a Diet Coke, because I'd forgotten how perfectly awful it was. I will never make that mistake again. I haven't tried Coke Zero yet, although I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Diet Dr. Pepper is actually not that bad.

I miss the Geico Gecko. "Pie and chips."

I make that mistake more often than I like, because I go into the little snack shop in our building, grab a bottle of Coke, and don't think to look closely at the label. Blech! Diet Coke's only saving grace is that it doesn't taste quite as bad as New Coke did.

I'm with you about Diet Dr. Pepper--not bad, at all! I think that's the first time I ever came across a diet drink that actually tasted decent.

Ah, the gecko..."I'm just here for Geico, love. Let's leave me personal life out of it." :)


They've had the Gecko in just about every Geico commercial that's aired here. We had the Charo ones in April . . . and I'm convinced they stopped because I sat in front of the TV with a corkscrew in one hand and said, "Make Charo go away or I'll poke both eyeballs out. Seriously."

And Coke Zero actually tastes more like Original Recipe Coke than Diet Coke. :D It's great. On the other hand, there are two reasons not to buy Diet Coke with Splenda: 1) it's too damned sweet, and 2) it acts almost as swiftly on the system as a jolt of phenothalene.


I'm quite picky when it comes to my soda. If I'm drinking regular soda, it HAS to be Coke. If I'm drinking diet, then it HAS to be Diet Pepsi ('cause Diet Coke absolutely sucks). But I've found that I like Coke Zero better than Diet Pepsi. I was surprised at how un-diety it tastes.

Isn't Coke Zero just a rebranding of Diet Coke?

Nope, tastes completely different.

Imagine that....

I had no idea that the taste was different but then my tastebuds are not that finally tuned.

Re: Imagine that....

Diet Coke makes me want to spit it out when I taste it, while Coke Zero is something I can stand to swallow.

Have you tried Coke Blak? It's supposed to be a blend of Coke with (I guess) coffee flavoring. I actually like it. When I first heard of the concept, I thought it was bizarre.