Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Back at Work

I wasn't really ready to go back to work this morning, but it had to be done. (g) I had a travel voucher to do, which it turned out needed to be done as two travel vouchers, because all of the information wouldn't fit on one. form. That and proofreading took nearly all day. :P I'm glad I was at least able to get a few other things done before I was given the travel to work on.

TV: I watched Bones and Dog tonight. They were showing the luau episode, which was basically an excuse to show a lot of film clips from previous episodes. On Bones, they did the Laci Peterson case with a bizarre twist. Temperance Brennan is growing on me. She may not have the sparkling wit of Jordan Cavanaugh, but I do like her socially awkward geekiness. I like her and Booth.

Voice lesson tomorrow.

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