Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Tuesday Update

Dental Work: My wisdom tooth was extracted this morning--a lot more easily than I had expected, though I have to say, the physical sensations were a tad nauseating--first pressing, then scraping, and then the feel of tongs. I don't know how they got that tooth out, given the degree of decay, but they did. I'm on a liquid diet for today and then soft foods tomorrow. I'm not in very much pain, and even less with a Vicodin capsule. I might take another later this evening.

Politics: California politics weirds me out. They've got a bill that has passed both houses of their state government, which, if signed by the governor, would allow illegal immigrant students to not only pay the in-state tuition rate, but also to get financial aid. Criteria for getting this benefit are that the student must have graduated from high school, have attended high school for at least three years, and be applying for citizenship.

Let me get this straight--You can be in this country illegally, and California taxpayers can be required to subsidize your education? And the county Chambers of Commerce are supporting this in hopes of getting more educated workers?

It's unbelievable. Californians are already paying sky-high energy and mortgage bills, and now they're likely to be saddled with this? What gets me is that this bill has passed in both houses of the state legislature. What are those people thinking?

People clamor from all sides about protecting our borders, yet at the same time, they give huge incentives like this one to illegal aliens to keep coming over here. It's irrational.

They'd better never try crap like this in Texas.

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