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Christmas and ROTK

We went to see Return of the King on Wednesday with our friend Donna, and it was great! Yes, there were some depressing parts, but I found myself being terribly amused by the whole Denethor sequence.

Yes, that is abnormal, but I have an excuse...My Imperial Secrets character myradin, who is the Steward of a kingdom with absent monarchs, groused at Denethor the entire time he was onscreen!

So there I was, sitting through ROTK, and Myradin was making comments in my head like, "What is he doing alone in the throne room? Doesn't he have an office? Work to do?" and "By the Seven, he has the most disgusting table manners!" and "You've known trouble was coming, and you've done nothing yet to deal with it?!"

Yes, ROTK was quite amusing, for me. I adore my characters. :)

Mark and I went to gaming at Karina's, tonight. Tomorrow evening, I have Yule with my coven. Tomorrow during the day, I have--you guessed it!--more Nova Roma election ballots to count through.

If you have never tried Terra Blues Potato Chips, made from Peruvian blue potatoes, they're good! So are Terra Originals, which are unusual root vegetables cooked like potato chips.

Writing is sporadic, at the moment. I need a character who will grab me by the lapels and demand that I write about him. (And, much as I adore you, Paul Graves, unless I can come up with a universe for you that isn't Harry Potter, you won't be it. *sniffle!*)

Hm...Maybe I should write another poem about Paul. I'm feeling in the mood to. I've written two, so far: "Sword" and "Remorse." I've also written two poems 'by' him, for his wife Lilith. I've done my best to write them all completely without references to Harry Potter.

(private HP rambling)
I still wonder what Lilith named the stuffed snake he gave her...but I don't want to find out until he gets out of Azkaban and can ask her, himself. (g)
(/private HP rambling)

LJ 12 Days of Christmas

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8 marvos a-chewing.
7 nixniviss a-typing.
6 padfoot_uks a-wiggling.
5 light yellow perimyndiths.
4 spamming richandmes.
3 Ecuadorian snowelfs.
2 mule spokes.
And a theo1 in a cucumber tree.
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