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Sunday Happenings

In Memoriam:

@>->-- Casey Crowder --<-<@

I had so hoped she would be found alive. :(

Today, we are going to our friend John's birthday party. Lots of munchies and 80's music. :)

International: The 2006 Newent Onion Fayre will be held next Saturday. Someday, I'm going! (I figure it's probably my character Seth's local equivalent of the Texaas Renaissance Festival. He can probably walk there, the lucky sod--to there and to the Newent National Birds of Prey Centre, which is another place I would love to visit.

I also came across a lovely photograph of The Banker Arms, which appears to be a hotel in Dorset. Lovely, lovely building. They don't make them like that, nowadays.

*happy sigh*

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