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Happy Birthday to nixnivis! cpsings4him! :D

Life: Today, they removed the drain from inside my mouth. The swelling has continued to subside, so I can open my mouth a little wider, though still not completely. I had mashed potatoes and Buddig Honey Turkey for lunch and then went to work for the afternoon.

Work was there. I had 36 telephone calls on my voice mail and managed to retrieve them all and return a few of the calls. Tomorrow, I settle back into the real grind. Gah, I so don't want to get up early again. Getting up at 9:30 and later has been nice.

We were actually able to do my birthday pasta fest. Mark took me out for dinner at Fred's Italian Restaurant on Holcombe. I had Caesar salad and capellini with a creamy pesto sauce, which was very tasty. I was able to eat more of the salad than I expected to, and the angel hair pasta in the sauce went down very well. Yum! Later in the evening, we went and had ice cream at The Marble Slab.

Mark gave me a copy of Symphonia by Hildegard of Bingen. I'm looking forward to reading it! Donna gave me a lovely pareo in orange/red and with white flowers. Very pretty!

That's it for now, as I have to get up early to go to work in the morning (sob!!!)

I'm to have my tooth extracted next Tuesday. They seem to be fond of putting me in for 9:00am appointments.

Sports: Whoo-hoo! The Houston Astros beat the Milwaukee Brewers, 10-3! Not that I'm a fan or anything... (g)

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