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Aerden [userpic]
Baby Frank Plushie

Okay, this is too cool. It's inspired by frankthecomic.

Current Mood: gigglyToo cute!

I'd actually never heard of Frank before, but you're right, that is cute. :)

How's your mouth? Hope you're feeling better.

It's getting slowly better. It's still sore, but it's nowhere near as huge as it was on Wednesday.

Heh...I like Frank the Old Goat, especially in his Scrooge icon that they use at Christmas, when they have him wearing a black top hat and frock coat.

Someone could start up a business selling Baby Frank plushies for LiveJournal, I'll bet, but I think the idea of encouraging people to make their own is brilliant. Gets us out of the mode of having other people do our crafty things for us.