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Sick: Just a brief note to let you know why I haven't posted in a couple of days.

I have a tooth abscess. The right side of my face is swollen. I have felt like crap since Tuesday morning, when I went home from work about 9:15. I saw my dentist yesterday, and I'm getting a wisdom tooth extracted today, as well as the abscess drained. I don't know how they're going to do this bit of dental wizardry, because I can barely open my mouth. I'm living off of tomato soup and Gatorade right now, and I'm drinking the soup from a mug because I just can't manage a spoon--not really.

At this rate, they're going to have to use an endoscope, as far as I can tell. Either that, or drain through the skin. I'm guessing they'll drain first, then extract the tooth when they can get my mouth open more easily.

I'm on amoxicilin right now. I had serious doubts I'd be able to get a capsule of that size past my teeth, but I've been able to squeeze them through. The facial swelling is a little reduced, but not enough to allow me to open my mouth any wider.

What I really hate is that I haven't been able to brush my teeth since Monday night. Bleah. I'm longing to brush them. Even tomato soup needs to be cleaned out, you know?

I'm crawling back into bed now. See you all later!

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