Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Another Monday

Crime: The Snake on a Plane, aka John Mark Karr, has arrived in the US. No one seems to know for certain if he has committed any crimes, or if they are all figments of his imagination. The guy dresses a lot like Andy Dick, who is a fellow who appeared on William Shatner's Celebrity Roast last night.

TV: I've decided I don't much care for celebrity roasts. Too much bathroom humor and other crudeness.

Science: Some scientist is proposing that our universe's Big Bang was caused by the collision of two parallel universes. Interestingly, Stephen Hawking seems to think there is merit to this idea. Elsewhere, it is being hotly debated.

Life: Not much else going on except work. I woke up feeling sick to my stomach and went to work late, but I'm feeling better now. I had melon and pineapple chunks for lunch. Yum!

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