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July 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Stargate SG-1 - 200

TV: Stargate's 200th episode was hilarious! They all decided to have fun with this one, and I had a good time watching it.

SG-1: The more I see of Claudia Black's character Vayla on SG-1, the less I like the fact that they've added that character to the regular cast. I really don't see that Vayla adds much intellectually to the show. She's just there to be like Vash was on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and it doesn't impress me at all. Vayla isn't even taken seriously by the other characters; they either treat her dismissively or politely ignore her. I prefer the professional camaraderie that the team had before she joined it. Vayla is the only SG-1 character who does not come across as a disciplined professional.

Shopping: This evening, Mark took me to Office Max, and I bought a CD case, finally, for the CD recordings of my voice lessons. At last, they're all in one place and in chronological order. I'm pleased.

University of Houston Central Campus: We went to the U of H library today to pick up our friend Tom for dinner. I went inside to look for him, and--My God! The library has been vastly remodeled from the way it looked when I was a student there. They have a huge area with, I'm guessing, at least 200 computers for student use, and a foyer large enough to hold a formal ball in. I went inside and had to pick my jaw up off the floor, I was so stunned.

I like the old library design better; this looks too fancy. It used to look more homey. However, I'm told they've added a lounge where you can stay and read even after the library is closed; it even has vending machines in it. I wonder if the fifth floor still looks the same. That was my favorite floor--they had all of the weird books there, and they were old books, from the fifties, some of them.

Current Mood: amusedamused

Yeah, I don't think Vayla adds much to the team itself. She's useful to add a touch of chaos to the storyline, though. Besides... Claudia Black! AND Ben Browder.

Still, tell ya what, SciFi... Bring back FARSCAPE!

Speaking of which, that segment had me roll right off the couch and risk waking the small men with my laughter.

Hehe! yes, the Farscape bit was good! And the Star Trek one--The guy playing Kirk had Shatner's way of sitting in the Captain's chair perfect! I was cackling over that! They ought to get him to play Kirk in the upcoming movie.