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July 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Chantal is LOA

Any of you who know me through Pern or Imperial Secrets--I am on leave of absence from Dec. 12-Dec. 19 at noon. I am unlikely to answer email unless it concerns Nova Roma, and I will not be available for chats until then, unless a miracle happens.

Athanasios and Marinus--Good luck! I voted for you. (g)

Chantal/Renata Corva

Current Mood: busybusy

You voted for Marinus!?

Are you mad!?!?!


Re: What!?

Theo--Hehehehe...Marinus is one of the few people in Nova Roma with a sense of humor. Darned right, I voted for him! (g)


I know you're on LOA, but I would really like to know your status of ForTen membership. I've e-mailed you, but haven't heard back from you. Were you interested in remaining a member, or should I strike you from the books? ;) Just let me know. =)


Forten & Pern

Hey, Jenn! *Hugs!*

It's probably best to just strike me from the books. I'm still very burned out on Pern and don't plan to be active again for a while, yet. If I start getting over this, I'll email you and let you know I want back in. For now, about the only Pern things I plan are some stuff with Kelli at Ista (T'ran & Izara) and some stuff with Anna at Sable (Aerden & Z'leena).

I miss my friends a lot, but I don't miss the constant having to keep up with RP's and the support requirements, even though I agree with the reasons for them. So nice not to have that, anymore.

Say, could you email me your address?


Re: Forten & Pern

I figured that was how it was -- I just didn't want to remove you if you were still interested. =)

Sure, but what e-mail are you using? You can e-mail me at mccallum@ksu.edu

Re: Forten & Pern

Oh! And what do you want done with your characters? WNPC status? Unadoptable/adoptable? Reserved for you? Death? You have:

R'gis, blue Sarth
Nadya, a mindhealer

I would like to keep Nadya around too -- she's (?) our only mindhealer and my character is going to start having to see one. ;)

Re: Forten & Pern

Whoa, I saw the "Izara" word! :: hops ::

I've been an LJ slacker, so I just saw this now. Just wanted to say hello and drop a big hug! I miss T'ran and Aerden (man, I'm starting a story where Rillen almost bleeds to death, and I have no Aerden to patch him up!). Most of all, I miss you! :: sniffles ::

Okay, LJ spam is done for now. For now. :)

Re: Pern

Kel--*beams* Aerden is always looking for the opportunity to stitch someone up. :D Where's Rillen?

I really, really, really hate StarRise shutting down. I want it back!

But if I said I would take it back, people would snort and walk away, and I would deserve the derision. So frustrating to want to put my money where my mouth is, but to know that I am crap at it.


Re: Pern

LouAnn and I are working on a story for Theran that involves Izara going to Igen right now, and I started writing a scene where Izara sees T'ran.

StarRise had it's time, though. It was a really good place for a really long time. Most of the people are still around, but just in other clubs, and a lot of them have the same feel as StarRise. It's not so bad. Rillen's at Sable. I moved his whole family there, too, except one of his sisters. Most of my personas found reasonable homes.

And scarily enough, Ista/Telgar rates as the most active Weyr in the timeline currently.