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Aerden [userpic]
Wednesday Linkfest

Some Star Trek fans cast actors for the upcoming movie.

Positive proof of global warming.

It seems that we now officially have 12 planets in our solar system. Story courtesy of the Houston Chronicle. I just saw a documentary about this very subject the other night on The Science Channel. Neat!

Why we should welcome our new Cylon overlords.

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The 12 planet thing isn't yet official. It's the recommendation from the standing committee on planetary science, but it still has to be voted up or down by the members of the IAU.

Bill--ah1 Okay. somehow, I got the impression that it was a done deal. I do rather like the definition of 'planet' for its simplicity, though it's odd having bodies like Ceres lumped into the same category as Earth and Mercury. I'll be interested to see what the vote is. I was quite surprised that the committee vote (or whatever it was) was unanimous.


I think it's fair to say that Mercury is more like Ceres than it is like Earth. So I don't mind Ceres being accorded the title of planet. (I also think Pallas, Juno, and Vesta are strong candidates for promotion from asteroid to planet.)

The critical determinant, given this new proposed definition, is gravity. If the object is big enough to have pulled itself into roughly spherical shape, and it's not gravitationally bound to another planet by a coupling that exceeds its gravitational bond to the Sun, then it gets to be called a planet.

Of course, by the old definition of planet--'stars which move,'--all stars could be considered 'planets.'

What's the fun of having a controversial issue if you can't muddy the waters with trivia?