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Friday Update

Writing: I think I've finally figured out how to write "To Move The Heavens," which is the original Potterverse story I want to write, featuring Paul and (I hope) Lilith. I finally figured out what I need to do, I think to write the sort of character I want to write.

When I created Paul for SPH, I was woefully ignorant of what Death-Eaters were really like. When I found out, I had to drastically revise Paul's history, and the history I came up with, while it gave him justification for being in the DE, was so completely at odds with morality that, in the end, it didn't make sense. He went from being a committed DE to being a DE infiltrator, and not a very good one.

So I've decided, What if he really was an infiltrator? What if, instead of running a family business, he was actually an auror assigned to work undercover? And what if the DMLE specifically wanted a family man in the job, in hopes of keeping him sane? Conflicted, yes, but sane, as long as he could have someone to come home to instead of an empty house or a DMLE mindhealer.

What if his family is in on it--at least his wife?

Choosing a family man might be a totally stupid idea. On the other hand, books are made from people making mistakes, so, here goes.

I figure I can at least work with this, because I don't have the internal editor telling me, as it used to with SPH Paul, "All of this pretense to morality is bullshit. He knows he's doing evil, and he continues to do it. I don't care how ethical he thinks he is, if he's still doing evil, there's a big logic problem here."

Now my main problem is, how do I keep Paul in the DE and enable him to fake their attitudes well enough for them to trust him? I really don't see how Paul could pretend to be a DE member without having to do the evil things that DE are required to do. There's no getting around that. I wonder how real-world infiltrators do it? Do they infiltrate only deeply enough to gain acceptance, but not so deeply that they are committed to or required to commit criminal acts? Is there a way to fake Avada Kedavra? (I can see faking the visual effects, but not the life or death of the victim.)

I think I'll ponder this some more.

Movie: We're going to see Oliver Stone's World Trade Center tonight and eating Greek food beforehand. Yum!

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