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April 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Voice Lesson, SPH Pops Back Up

Voice Lesson #8: My teacher started me learning an Italian aria by early Baroque composer Jacopo Peri. I love it. It's called "Nel Pur Ardur." It's gorgeous!

Except she wants me to do ornamentation. Ornamentation sucks. It's like the guy who sings "Unchained Melody." I never heard so many completely unnecessary notes in my life! Just let the pure beauty of the song shine through. You don't need a lot of extra trills and crap. This is why I don't like opera. Bleah!

SPH: I wrote an entry in gareth_adams' journal this evening, just for the beck of it, because I wanted to. I miss SP Paul Graves' voice. TA Paul Graves doesn't have quite that bittersweet angst. He didn't spend 20 years being a Death-Eater. TA Paul Graves uses too many contraction.


Anyway, it felt good to write that, even though it was a very rambly, stream of consciousness post.


Figured you'd end up saddled with obscure Baroque opera at some point. :) And you may not like it now, but it's good to know your way around ornamentation; it's sometimes necessary to add or subtract notes to keep things interesting with a very repetitive song (folk songs with lots of verses spring to mind), and it gets you used to stringing fast notes together.

Double-posting to note that it's a bit late right now, but maybe a different style of singing might've been a better fit for you? "Classically trained" sounds prestigious, but it's a style like any other, and if it's one you're not going to like or use, fat lot of good it's going to do you.

Well, I do want to be classically trained--I want to be able to sing medieval and Renaissance-style music (Hildegard of Bingen in particular); so I will have to learn those vocal techniques. It's just...Bleah. Too many unnecessary notes.

*feels like Emperor Franz Joseph from Amadeus.* (g)


Got it. :)