Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Tuesday. August 8

Paul Graves to Lilith Drachenstein: "Happy anniversary!"

For this anniversary, Paul is going to take Lilith out to someplace in the country, so they can watch the Perseid meteor shower.

This would be something neat for them to do in TA as well, but they don't know each other well enough in TA yet. Hm. Must remedy that. (g)


Dear Gods of the current Interglacial Period,

I have to admit, I am totally enjoying the warming trend. However, I live in a house with tolerable air conditioning that we can afford to pay for. Many people in my city don't have such finances, however. So do you think you might consider cooling it down just a tiny tad? To, say, the low 90's?

Thanks so much,


Writing: Speaking of weather--I notice that I tend to favor writing stories set in cold climates; I guess because there is more of a feeling of struggle when the weather is cold. Not sure. Still, it's an interesting trait. Maybe that's part of why I like the Darkover books so much.

It is now time to let my forty-something lovebird take over my brain so he can go shopping for his wife on LiveJournal.

Edit: Shopping done!

Oh my God, I just remembered--He was born in 1956! Paul will be 50 this year! *dies laughing*

Paul: "Do be quiet. You are making a public nuisance of yourself."

Me: "Muahahahahaha!!!"

To Anna: And Anna? If I knew of the specific date when Aerden and Z'leena became weyrmates, he'd be spoiling her rotten, too--more subtly, of course! :D

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