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LJ Stuff

LiveJournal has done away with the invitation codes. Interesting! Kind of a disappointment, in a way. I think I liked them because they made LJ different from all of the free places on the Net. You had to put some effort into becoming an LJ member, and I liked that attitude. Still, this does make LJ more accessible to people, and that's a good thing.

I am looking into buying webspace at Web_mania. I can't progress any further in learning PHP until I get webhosting that allows me to use it, and Web-Mania's price looks very reasonable--15 pounds sterling/year. This way, I should also be able to incorporate server-side includes, which will help with managing a large website.

My plan is to make the main site my professional home, where I will post my poetry and possibly also a webzine. My Theran site is staying where it is, for the ease of its current webmasters. Same probably also for the Segel site.
The Writer's Library, though, will move to the new site, as well as my banner collection.

It's time for a complete overhaul of my entire website.

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