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Saturday Update

Movie: Through a Scanner, Darkly was an eclectic, hallucinogenic experience. I suppose it was a good movie--certainly, the graphics technique they used was awesome! But most of the dialogue was held between three--or was it four?--very wasted drug addicts, so while some of it was mildly entertaining and amusing in a Cheech and Chong sort of way, most of it was just dull, to me. There's only so much druggie dialogue I can sit through without wanting to roll my eyes.

Friends: My friend Tricia--who was supposed to be on vacation--called me last night and told me that her young newphew Jasper has been diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. He is likely to be on chemotherapy for three years. This was pretty shocking news, as she tells me about him all the time, and he sounds like a totally adorable kid. Supposedly, this type of leukemia responds very well to treatment, so I will keep my fingers crossed for him.

Not much else is going on; it's just a very lazy Saturday. No gaming tonight. Tomorrow, we're celebrating my Dad's birthday at Steak & Ale.

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