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November 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Singing Forward

Voice Lesson #7: Today's lesson focused on me bringing my voice forward and projecting outward instead of holding my voice inide the back of my throat. I could hear improvement by the end of the lesson. It's amazing how much fuller my voice sounds when I do that.

Other than that--I'm sleepy!

Work: Tomorrow, we are taking our co-worker Helen out to a Vietnamese restaurant for her birthday. Someone snagged their lunch menu and brought it back to the office. I can't decide whether to have the tofu and tomatoes or the tofu in lemon grass sauce. Any recommendations?

And before anyone asks--No, I am passing up the squid. (g)

Current Mood: sleepyZzzzz...
Current Music: "Autumn in New York" - Ella Fitzgerald

If you like spicy, lemony flavors, definitely do the tofu in lemon grass sauce. YUMMY.

I do like lemony stuff. Hm... (g)