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February 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Tuesday Update

Food: Blessings be to my husband, for cooking up a dish of prosciutto and bacon-stuffed tortellini with a cream, garlic, and onion sauce. To. Die. For! *slurp*

I also decided that sauerkraut is a pretty decent snack food. It has no fat or cholesterol. The protein and fiber contents are a bit low for my liking, though, and the sad part is that it has 430g of salt per serving. *sigh* You can't win for losing. Still, I'm sure it's better for me than potato chips.

Weather: The tropical wave was pretty wimpy. We hardly got any rain at all out of it. On the other hand, no flooding meant that I was able to get home from work, so yea!

Health: My doctor wants me to schedule my next mammogram. Now that I'm over forty, I have to have them annually. It appears to be a weird quirk of our medical system that insurance will only pay for one well-woman mammogram a year--and they mean a year to the day; you can't just schedule it May 14 one year and May 8 the next. No, it has to be May 14 and no earlier, the next year. Bizarre.

Actually, I was surprised that they are still recommending annual mammograms for women over forty; I had heard there was some study out that suggested mammograms shouldn't be done so often; that doing them that frequently might increase one's risk of breast cancer instead of reducing it. I guess the verdict is still out, on that.

TV: I'll probably watch Dog and King of Cars tonight. I'm not at all interested in Driving Force.

Archaeology: Awesome! An ancient Irish book of psalms was found in a bog the other day. It dates to AD 800-1000.

Current Mood: goodgood
Current Music: "My Ane True Love" - Sting

Do you know, I thought you were like, 28 or something?

Where did I get that idea?

28? I wish! (g)

I liked your meme, by the way!