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A Family Get-Together

Family: My sister Lisa and her two children came to visit my parents for about a week, so Lisa could attend her 20th high school class reunion. It's scary to think that the two of us have been out of high school for twenty-odd years.

My niece Kaitlin is in seventh grade now! She looks a lot like Lisa, but with darker hair, and she is almost as tall as I am. My newphew Cody has blond, blond hair, and he is a wild little boy in second grade. He is all boy, too--plays football and seems to have a disturbing fondness for toy guns. (g) He's got a lot of energy.

I miss getting to see my brother-in-law Dennis. He has to stay at home and run their pet store. *sigh* We never get to see him.

We had lunch at Olive Garden, hung out at Sam's for a while, and then went to visit my Grandma and Grandpa Smith. It was so hot when we got out of the restaurant. The heat really is exhausting. Luckily, it rained, and that cooled the temperature down somewhat.

This evening, my parents, Lisa, and the kids are going to see the circus. Mark and I came on home, and I took a much-wanted nap.

Summer makes me feel so lazy.

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