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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]

Writing: My copy of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers arrived in today's mail. It's a helpful book. Already, I've figured out a way to improve "The Devil's Due," just from the first chapter. Not bad! I look forward to seeing what further reading brings.

Food Recommendation: If you want a tasty snack, try Terra Chips' Potpourri. It's three vastly different types of potato chips, and they're quite tasty.

War on Terror: So--If we're going after al-Qaeda, and the Israelis are going after Hezbollah and Hamas, who is going after Crimson Jihad?

(My husband actually had the answer to that question!)


who is going after Crimson Jihad?


I thought Idaho went after Hawaii!

*feeling delightfully silly this evening*


It's true. We Idahoans are specially tasked with the job of hunting down Crimson Jihad. It keeps us busy when the potato season is done.