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July 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Outrage of the Week - Job-Hunting Can Kill You

On this evening's news, I came across a story about a suidice bomb explosion in Iraq. Someone drove up in a van to a place where men were gathered, looking for work. The driver offered the men work and told them to pile into his van. When they were all inside, he blew up the van, killing the people in it and presumably himself.

I don't understand this. What kind of people are these terrorists? More and more, acts like this convince me that these people don't really have a political agenda; they just like to kill, and they don't care how many families they leave impoverished for lack of a provider.

Whatever asshole thought up this idea of killing job-seekers--I hope he fries.

Current Mood: enragedenraged

*dies laughing at the 'recruiting suicide bombers' idea!

Hm. Just how evil could you make the Brethren?

Seth thinks he doesn't want to find out. (g)