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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Writing Work - "The Devil's Due"

Writing: I worked on "The Devil's Due" today, and I believe it's about ready to send out. I want to go through an editing process, have it beta=read, and see which would be the best places to send it to. It is 3,550 words long.

*sigh* It's too bad Sword & Sorceress is now defunct. I'd have liked to have submitted it there. Bradley always said she wanted to get more light-hearted stories.

Edit: Above should be 'MZB's fantasy magazine,' not 'S&S,' which is still being published.

Next on the agenda is "In the Soup." Yes, the Aerden and Yrdani story that I never got off my ass and wrote for Out of the Blue. *smiles fondly*

Current Mood: pleasedpleased

I thought the series was going to be continued under Diana L. Paxson's editorship? At least, the one I bought recently was. *scrabbles around for the elusive paperback*

Kit--Oh! I meant to say 'MZB's fantasy magazine.' I'm very glad Diana L. Paxson is continuing the Sword & Sorceress anthologies. That's wonderful news!