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Something Wicked This Way Comes

There's bombing in Haifa, Israel, and the Israelis have destroyed the airport in Beiruit, Lebanon. There's a lot of talk about Iran manipulating things and it being difficult to stop Iran without the aid of China and Russia. As long as those countries see more advantages to ending this was rather than upholding the status quo, things will remain as they are. *sigh*

Voice Lesson #4: My voice didn't sound too bad during the first part of the lesson. Then about 20 minutes into it, I had a coughing fit, and after that, my voice was crap, though it had improved a bit by the time I left. Stupid phlegm.

My voice teacher wanted me to start picking out some songs to sing. I was a bit surprised at that, but she said that, along with building the voice, it was time to start working on diction and singing words. So I'll be doing some Helen Reddy, Simon & Garfunkel, and some songs from My Fair Lady. I'd like to do some stuff from 1776, but most of the songs in it require two or more people to perform them. I could go for something meaty, like "Molasses, to Rum, to Slaves," but I have this feeling that my teacher would suggest I pick something else if I suggested that. (g) Besides, that song isn't nearly as effective, sung a capella, as it is with an orchestra.

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