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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Chris Angel, Mind Freak

*stares at TV*

Okay, I'm convinced. Chris Angel is God. (g)

How the heck does he do that walking on water trick?

Current Mood: surprisedstunned

I actually read up on Chris Angel a while back after i saw some seriously impressive looking stuff and, as a result, now believe he is the biggest faker of the lot. Not saying he's not clever but he lies to you a helluva lot more than most other 'street magicians' seem to.

Virtually none of his random volunteers or audience are random at all, virtually everything is totally pre-staged and deliberately designed to look genuine and off-the-cuff, doctored props, all that business. The wiki entry on him is (or was when i last read it) pretty brutal and every metacafe video of him that gets posted ends up getting totally disected and torn to bits!

Theo--Interesting! That's useful to know, since a major part of his schtick is how 'genuine' everything is. I appreciate the heads-up!