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Monday Once Again

Characters: I spent much of today's lunch break re-reading old posts in my tarran_glennis journal. Tarran was a character I created for a wonderful fantasy role-playing game I was in called Imperial Secrets, which is sadly now defunct. It was nice, reading the old IMS posts, as wall as the post I wrote for the game I've transplanted Tarran to, called Ardaea.

Which reminds me; I need to continue his story in Ardaea, as soon as I figure out what prophetic vision he's going to receive. *sigh*

News: In today's Houston Chronicle, I saw an article titled, 'Slavery Reparation Movement Gaining Momentum.' Say what?!

I could have understood and supported such a movement starting in the late 1860's or 1870's. But in 2006? These people are nuts. It is some 143 years after the abolition of slavery in this country. There is no black person alive today who was ever a slave in this country

Freedom is something that you cannot put a price tag to; it's beyond price. I have to wonder what the advocates of this idea would consider to be a fair reparation for their ancestors' enslavement, hm? One million dollars per descendant? Two million? How much do they think they can get out of this cash cow before they milk it dry? My suspicion is that no amount would ever be enough to satisfy all the proposed recipients or even just those squeaky wheels who are clamoring for the money.

So why should we even bother, if it's not going to really satisfy anyone? Better to spend the money on things which can benefit everyone.

Health: I hate post-nasal drip. That is all.

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