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Writing Frustrations

It's cold today! :( Pretty outside, and sunny, but cold.

I don't know what to do with my Nano story. *sigh* I like the characters in it, but they're not grabbing me by the lapels and insisting that I write about them. Edward Margrave does not wake me up in the middle of the night and tell me I have to write such and so a scene, the way Aerden, Paul Graves, Myradin, or Ephram Young would.


Maybe I should write about one of those four guys--though obviously not for Nanowrimo. I probably will write about Paul or maybe Ephram, next year. I still love the stuff I wrote for Ephram in St. Swithin's Asylum for IMS.

I would write Paul's story, but what is the point of expending all that effort on something I can't sell professionally? "To Move the Heavens" is a good hobby thing, but useless for professional work.

I have begun reading The Prisoner of Azkaban and last night found the bit in which it is full moon, and Snape is subbing for Lupin. Instead of whatever Lupin's regular lesson plan was, Snape has the class study how to defend themselves against werewolves.

I had a good laugh, over that. Snape, you evil little man. I love you so! Hehehehe... And the boggart scene was priceless.

I think, though, that Lupin is swiftly becoming one of my favorite Harry Potter characters. Eminently sensible and interesting. I hope he'll get his first paycheck soon, so he can afford better clothes, poor man. I will be interested to see the contrast between him and Sirius Black.

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