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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Tea and Crumpets

When Language and Food Collide: Apparently, the phrase, "serve tea and crumpets" is now more commonly used as a metaphor for appeasing one's enemies than as a verb phrase that refers to the actual serving of food for high tea. *grumbles*

I found some crumpets at the grocery store near my voice teacher's studio. It sells really cool food; I'm looking to find a haggis there, someday.

So, anyway, what goes on crumpets?

The irony of indulging in serious anglophilia on the eve of July 4th has not escaped me. (g)

Life: I got my hair cut this evening! It is now the length shown in the icon I used for this entry.

Crappy news: I feel a cold coming on, and I am praying that I didn't give it to my 92 year-old grandparents when I visited them last night. *wibbles* I feel pretty much okay right now, but two of my co-workers and my housemate have been badly sick with this thing, and both of my grandparents are frail. Please, God, don't let me have given this to them. I wanted to see them last night because they are so frail. I was afraid to not go visit them.

We have new dishes! If I'm not feeling too much like a plague dog tomorrow, I hope to get them moved into the cupboard.

Books: I have begun reading Throne of Jade by Naomi Novik. It's good, so far!

Current Mood: anxiousanxious

I put honey on my crumpets, although I don't think there's any particular etiquette to follow. I've eaten them with jam, and with vegemite, not at the same time. Honey is best, because it seeps through the holes.

I've just got Throne of Jade, haven't started it yet, although I'm looking forward to it. People have been really great with spoiler warnings, so that's a good thing.

Have you ever heard of spreadable honey? I'm not sure how it's made, but it seems to have some sort of cream in it, and it spreads without getting honey all over the place. I've got a tub of it here. It's called Burleson's Natural Flavor Honey Spread. I've never seen anything like it.


I feel a cold coming on

::winces:: Oh, God, not you too!!

I'm eating Halls' drops and DayQuil right now. Bleah!


You are brave, brave, to take Hall's. Those are the nastiest-tasting cough drops I have ever tried. *shudders* I use Ricola. About the strongest cough drop I've ever used was Robitussin, and that was only when I had no Ricola. (g)

I hope you feel better soon!


I put all sorts of things on my crumpets. Honey and strawberry jam are the usual things, though my favourite toppings are mascarpone and creme fraiche.

I hope you get better soon and that your grandparents are okay. I just got over a cold and they're never very fun to have *hugs*

Ooooh! An excuse to buy creamy cheese! (g)

I hope my grandparents will be okay, too. I hugged them before I knew I was getting sick, and Grandpa was already feeling very tired, Sunday. I know there's not a thing I can do if I did pass it on to them, but I keep worrying, anyway.