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For Lack of Manuscript Paper...

Music: I have a melody for a lovely little medieval-sounding Credo in my head, but I have no sheet music and no piano. So I'm using a page from a spiral notebook and praying that I have the intervals right. I compose everything in A minor or C major because I haven't memorized the circle of fifths, and this way, I can sort of half-ass write the melody down without having to worry about which notes have accidentals. I don't really care what key it's in. To me, all keys sound alike; they're just pitched higher or lower, or else they're major or minor.

I suppose there are some people who would regard me as a Philistine for being this way, but for me, the key is just a matter of convenience for me when writing the music down; it can be played in whatever key the musician prefers.

It's so frustrating, doing this without a piano. *sigh*

I hope I don't forget this between now and when I wake up in the morning! I'm almost sure to. But I've gonly gotten as far as:

Credo in unum Deum,
Patrem omnipotentem,
Factorem caeli et terrae.

There's a whole lot more to go.

I think, next payday, I must go to Radio Shack and buy one of those dinky little electric keyboards so that I will at least have something to use that I will know is on the correct pitch.

The Nicean Creed

Credo in unum Deum,
Patrem omnipotentem,
Factorem caeli et terrae,
Visibilium omnium, et invisibilium.
Et in unum Dominum Jesum Christum,
Filium Dei unigenitum.
Et ex Patre natum ante omnia saecula.
Deum de Deo,
Lumen de lumine,
Deum verum de Deo vero.
Genitum, non factum,
Consubstantialem Patri:
Per quem omnia facta sunt.
Qui propter nos homines,
et propter nostram salutem
Descendit de caelis.
Et incarnatus est de Spiritu Sancto
Ex Maria Virgine: Et homo factus est.
Crucifixus etiam pro nobis:
Sub Pontio Pilato passus, et sepultus est.
Et resurrexit tertia die,
Secundum Scripturas.
Et ascendit in caelum:
Sedet ad dexteram Patris.
Et iterum venturus est cum gloria,
Judicare vivos et mortuos:
Cuius regni non erit finis.
Et in Spiritum Sanctum, Dominum,
Et vivificantem: qui ex Patre Filioque procedit.
Qui cum Patre et Filio simul adoratur,
Et conglorificatur: qui locutus est per Prophetas.
Et unam sanctam catholicam et apostolicam Ecclesiam.
Confiteor unum baptisma in remissionem peccatorum.
Et exspecto resurrectionem mortuorum.
Et vitam venturi saeculi. Amen.

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