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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
TA News

Two Alleys RPG: I have decided it's time for us to have our first gamewide event. This started out as just an idea for a joint post between Sarah and me, but after thinking about it, this seemed like a good way to nudge some of the less-active characters into activity. If you are stumped for a plot for your character, you can have him or her appear at the Helpful Herbs and Practical Plants Conference.

I'm thinking a gamewide activity each month or every other month would be a cool idea because I really would like to see more life in the game. By its very nature (freeform) it moves slowly--but it could be moving faster than it is right now.

I hope to see some posts!

PS: If you write in Two Alleys but haven't joined the OOC community, alleys_ooc, please do so. I'd like for that to be the primary way I make game announcements, rather than through my journal.

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