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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
The Real World

Harry Potter fandom insanity seems all the more stupid in the face of knowing that someone on my friends list has just suffered a bereavement. I see all this HP wank going on over some fan who, if you ask me, isn't worth the excessive attention being paid to her antics, and the amount of time and energy that is being spent nattering about the whole fandom thing is pathetic.

But here's something real going on, that really matters. And I'm noticing that it's harder to express sadness than it is to express outrage.

I know the fandom wank really matters, too, to the people directly involved. But I think a mother's pain rather outstrips that.

PETA: And, as if Potter nonsense weren't enough, here is some PETA nonsense.

Current Mood: sadsad

Fandom is great, but the wankers who start foaming at the mouth over it need to die slowly roasting on a spit over my campfire... can you say.. .Kitchen Table?? :-) Granted not ALL the folks there were ass-hats, but there were some I would have loved to have gotten on a plane just to bitch slap the hell out of them in person.

Condolences to the person's loss, and curses to wankers who want to botch it up.

Heh...There are definitely a couple of Potter fans who need to be bitch-slapped, apparently. One person started a flame war with herself over which characters whould be paired up, by creating a lot of false online identities. Unfortunately, real people got sucked into this flame war before anyone knew about the fakes. By the time the fakes were found out, enough people had said hurtful things to each other on both sides that real animosities developed. This seems to still be causeing trouble in that fandom even today.

I know we had stupidity going on in Pern fandom, but at least it was over actions that McCaffrey actually took, and not over, "I think Lessa should have been weyrmates with Robinton instead of F'lar!"

That's about the level of the HP stupidity.

What were they yammering about on KT? Most of what I remember was the whole dragon colors and rider sexuality argument.


I honestly don't remember too well anymore... There was some childish tripe bandied about on a regular basis that did not impress me.

I remember one post about "If you're in the IT industry, I hate you" or something like that, and other generalized rubbish that would go round and round. Mostly people people who acted like they had more opinions than actual intelligence. I remember that IT industry job comment REALLY bothered me. For me, it was the beginning of the end.

I just stopped going there and seeing the ass-hattery. It sort of gave me a soured view of fandom in general. Probably my bad for letting a few bad apples ruin for me.

Yep, definitely people with more opinions than intelligence. I think that happens with a lot of fans who hang out in chatrooms. They can't look beyond their own noses.


I am sorry about your friend's lose. It can be very hard to see the nonsense as important in the face of something like that. I think I understand how your feeling. We all have to try to remember that it is the nonesense, and the silliness, and the adventures, and the love that make life worth living and worth grieving for when it is lost.

I hope you feel better and I wish your friend all the light and love she needs to get through such a difficult time.


I'm doing okay, but I feel bad for my friend. She's wanting to get back in the saddle as it were, though, so I hope the prospect of that will help her feel better.