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Nasty Weather

The weather has been really bad in Houston, all day. We started off with two large thunderstorms, both with the potential to produce tornadoes. Our street is flooded up over the curb, and our backyard is a pond. Now, the meteorologist on the radio is saying that there is a line of thunderstorms coming up from Sugarland and Galveston Bay Joy!

On the brighter side--Rush Limbaugh is back! I was very glad to see him doing his radio show again. I think the man is pretty brave for admitting his drug problem to his audience--though, yes, he didn't admit it until it came out in the news. Still, he did try to detoxify himself twice, so that tells me he was at least trying to do something about it, beforehand. I wish him the best of success with keeping away from the painkillers.

I hear that Lucy Lu, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore will not be starring in the next Charlie's Angels movie. Apparently, the producers decided that people preferred Demi Moore's character. Well, I can't say that I rooted for the villainess, but I did>/i> like the fact that she appeared to be a trifle more in keeping with the original Angels than the Lu, Diaz, and Barrymore trio. The Angels are supposed to be former police officers, not three giggly women who gush about the fact that they don't use firearms, and who sleep around with the villain. Anyway, I will be interested to see what they do in this next movie.

Arnold Schwarzennegger is now governor of California. Best wishes to him and his state!

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