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Music and Star Trek

Voice Lesson #4: Tonight, for some reason, it finally clicked--not my voice, but my degree of dedication. Tonight, I stopped regarding the voice lessons as simply a pleasurable experience. Tonight, I began to really regard the lessons as tools I am using to build and mold my voice.

I'm not sure what precipitated the change. Maybe it was the exercises I was doing, or maybe it was my teacher's instructions to stop listening to what I am singing and pay more attention to my body as I sing. I think the 'paying attention to what my body is doing' advice is what woke me up from the sleep of ignorance, where I wasn't really, concentrating, before.

Suddenly, now, everything is different in my mind. Now, I am dedicated. Now, I have a purpose. That purpose isn't to sing the music of Hildegard of Bingen; that purpose is merely to sing well, whatever I might perform.

It is truly an enlightening feeling.

Star Trek: I hear from the Ain't It Cool? site that there are new rumors about the upcoming Trek movie. The rumor now is that they want to do a re-envisioning of Classic Trek with new actors and a starship whose technology is updated from what was available in the sixties. Matt Dillon is supposedly interested in playing Kirk.

If they actually go through with this, I am more concerned with who will play Spock. I really cannot imagine many actors with the depth and the look. The only two who come to mind are Ralph Fiennes and Hugo Weaving. I'm sure there are others, but I'm not enough familiar with a lot of actors to be able to make more choices.

Just...not Brad Pitt, please--though I have to admit that Angelina Jolie would make a kick-ass Romulan Commander! (g)

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