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Looking at the Sky

Work: Well, I'm back at work, this morning. The sky outside looks pretty heavy and gray, but the flooding has receded enough that schools and the buslines are open, for now. We'll see how long that continues.

When I got in to work this morning, at about 6:50, only the visually-impaired staff were here! *snicker*

Books: I finished Snakecharm last night and began reading His Majesty's Dragon. I just finished Part I, and the ending was lovely! *beams*

"I would rather have you than any ship in the Navy." --Captain Will Laurence to his dragon, Temeraire *beams some more*

I will say this, though--Pern, it ain't. The attitudes of the two Aerial Corps members who appeared near the end of Part I made my eyes bug out.

Bless Amelia Atwater-Rhodes for understanding that cliffhangers make readers want to tear out their own hair and the author's hair. The ending of Snakecharm was not quite what I expected, and I was rather glad.

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