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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
HP: I Ship Paul/Lilith

So, I just skimmed over some commentary about an HP fandom war that started in 2001, got rather nasty, and may still be ongoing.

I had no idea that there was such animosity in some quarters between people who like to pair up Harry/Hermione and those who prefer to pair up Harry/Ginny. I won't even get into the whole 'person who created a lot of false online identities to stir up drama' thing; that's just too bizarre for me to wrap my mind around.

Geeze! These people need to get lives! Or do they want to be 40 years old and still arguing about meaningless crap like this?

I think I'll just stick to shipping Paul and Lilith in two_alleys_rpg.

Though I do fondly remember that awfully fun SPH shipping frenzy we had once in blackbooks. (g)

Mug! Okay, I am entirely too silly. I custom-designed and ordered a mug at Spreadshirt that says "I Ship Paul/Lilith" on it. So the people at my office can be mystified.

Hm! I wonder if anyone makes Braille coffee mugs? *goes to find out*

Current Mood: surprisedamazed

But... if they got lives Fandom Wank would be ever so much quieter.

At least until fanficrants started up again.

*dies laughing!!!*


Do you remember the post I shared from Metaquotes regarding what Jo Rowling might have to say to an irate fan complaining that Harry ended up with Ginny? And honestly, it's not as if anyone couldn't have seen that one coming in "Chamber of Secrets."

Besides, I like Ginny. I think she's a better match for Harry than Hermione, as Harry, frankly, seems to see Hermione as a walking font of information.

Oh, yeah . . . "get life," indeed. ;)


Kris--Yeah, but...everyone sees Hermione as a walking font of information. Even Hermione sees herself that way. (g)

But yes, I know what you mean. Frankly, I think part of the reason Hermione chose Ron is because Ron needs her more than Harry does. Plus, though Rowling lately has Ron acting like a dope, he's actually very smart, so I can imagine Hermione seeing him as more of an equal in terms of intellect, even though Harry is no slouch; he's just a genius at different things than book-learning. He's more of an instinctive genius than one who really applies himself to hard work. Hermione is one who would respect success born of work more than success born of instinct.


I love Paul/Lilith - now the essay is done I can turn my attention back to that. *hugs* just wish I remembered her password

Viv--*giggles!* Oh dear! I wish I could help you with that.


You found the password. Hurray!

The Msscribe Saga is not the weirdest damn thing I've ever seen in fandom of F_Wl that belongs to the person who thought she was reincarnated hobbit, massively defrauded the LotR fandom, and was last seen being arrested in California for using a fake ID to claim she was Elijah Wood's (male) cousin.

Still, the fact that it's on home turf, so to speak, makes it all the more creepy.

O.O Wow!

In the 'Can you top that?' department, I think that story succeeded! How bizarre! Sounds like she needs serous mental help. I hope she gets it.


*still amazed*

Geeze! These people need to get lives! Or do they want to be 40 years old and still arguing about meaningless crap like this?

Many of them probably are 40.

Amqu--Yeah, that's what really scares me!