Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Sunday News

Happy Father's Day! Remember, you are fathers, not Dads. (g)

Writing: I'm working on Dakmir this morning, hammering out the magic system. I'm also rethinking the plot a bit--still mulling that over in my head.

I've decided to create a beta-group journal for Dakmir, similar to what my friend Kris has done for her Talar work. I'm going to put the cultural write-ups into that journal, and once I get the story itself straightened out, I will post some of the writing work in there, as well.

Workshop? You know, I just thought of something. Why not start an LJ writers' workshop? Does anyone want to do that? If not, no problem. Just let me know if any of you on my friends list are interested, and I'll create a community.

Books: My copy of Snakecharm by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes arrived yesterday. Yea! More Zane and Danica. *beams* Also, Mark has finished His Majesty's Dragon, so I now have that to read. I'll be busy for a while.

On the Web: It used to be that I spent much of my time with or at my website. Now, I spend my time at my journal.

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