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Chocolate Wars and other Wednesday Topics

Work: One of my co-workers, A., walked right past my desk this morning and accused another co-worker, H., of stealing all of her chocolate. H. claimed innocence of chocolate stealing, and A. told the story of when the chocolate had disappeared from her desk.

It is interesting and amusing that A. didn't ask me about it. I haven't taken any of her chocolate, but I wonder if this means I look so innocent and so sweet that I can steal office chocolate with impunity?

*looks decidedly wicked and speculative* Muahahahaha!

* * *

At 1:07pm, while I was sitting in the breakroom with co-workers V. and G., G. was paged over the intercom.

"Oh, shoot! I'm late for the Braille class!" G. exclaimed, hastily folding up his bag of lusciously fragrant buttered popcorn. He grabbed his mobility cane and rushed out the door. He's the instructor. V. and I were very amused, imagining that his Braille items will now smell like popcorn butter.

Mmmm...Good smell!

I have Juneteenth off. Yea!

Neat Stuff: An article on replacement bones, link in this entry of wcg's journal.

Miles Vorkosigan, you may now kick ass, not that you don't already. :D

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