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Tuesday and Tired

Work: The last thing I had to do at work today was read over a consumer's medical records--written in doctors' handwriting--and try to interpret the squiggles. Bleah.

My eyes were tired by the time I gave it up and went to catch the bus. I can't tell for certain what the patient's visual fields are, and that's vital to determine his eligibility for services with my agency.

Why, oh why don't they make medical students undergo penmanship classes? It is often so easy to tell the secretary's handwriting from the doctor's--you can read the secretary's writing. Why won't they go to a system in which doctors type in their findings instead of writing them by hand? Surely it would cut down on the number of mistakes likely made with regard to prescriptions and other important information.

Anyway, I wanted to dunk my eyes in a bucket of cold water, afterward. :P

War on Terror: Way to go, Canada! Kudoes to their police and to associated policing organizations in six other countries for rounding up the people in this widespread ring of terrorists who wanted to decapitate the Canadian Prime Minister.

Books: Rosemary--I don't know when your two books are set, but you can always write a third one, whose events happen today, titled Day from Hell. *wink*

Writing: I'm going to write more in the latest Paul piece for Two Alleys, tonight. I'm not sure why, but he's elbowing Garedin out of the way for my attention. Darned, pushy characters...

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